20 portraits of inspiring women scientists from around the world, for AWSA-BE

AWSA-BE, a feminist and secular organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, commissioned some more portraits of women scientists, this time from around the world. They will use these portraits for an educational material they're creating - it's not ready yet, so until I can see it and share it with you, hereunder is a video of the files in my google drive, for a sneak peak! It was just after I'd finished them all, and I was really happy. Just as with the first set of portraits for the calendar, I really enjoyed learning about all these amazing women and pushing myself creatively! 

For more information about Awsa-be, check out their website: https://www.awsa.be/fr/page

Illustrations for the website "Les Frangines", by Osez Le Féminisme

Osez-Le-Féminisme commissioned a series of illustrations for their website on feminist sex ed, "Les Frangines". It was such a pleasure to illustrate all the clitorises and girls!

12 portraits of Arab women scientists, for AWSA-BE's 2020 Calendar

I made 12 portraits of inspiring women scientists from the Arab world, for the 2020 calendar of Awsa-Be, a really awesome feminist and secular organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. They promote the rights of Arab women and do a lot of great stuff: you can check out their website here https://www.awsa.be/fr/page

Illustrations for Mathilde Karceles, Made Conseil

The following two illustrations were made as a sample to start off a comics book project commissioned by Mathilde Karceles, founder of Made Conseil.

Hermark Cards

I'm very proud to be working for Hermark Cards, a brand new postcard and greetings card startup for lesbians and all women, until the end of August 2019.

I've really enjoyed mixing watercolours, ink, colour pencils and digital work for these cards. I also made the artwork for Hermark's Facebook page, T-shirts, hats and business cards. 

You can purchase the cards at www.hermarkcards.com. All rights reserved.

Hereunder, the visuals I made for Hermark Cards: all rights reserved.

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