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Mileva Maric-Einstein

This is something I’ve been itching to illustrate for such a long time. For some reason I’ve found this particular case of invisible woman’s work quite upsetting, maybe because Albert Einstein is so well known. But his success was a result of him exploiting his wife’s intellectual and domestic work. I’m not a researcher and there’s nothing to prove it but I’m convinced that the theory of relativity and its mathematical equation was Mileva’s work, because that was her specialisation and from what I read (correct me if I’m wrong) Albert never seemed to have developed more ideas on this finding after he stopped working with her. Anyway, what we do know is that the scientific articles for which Albert was awarded the noble prize were submitted in both his and her names and there is ample evidence of their collaboration on the works he published during their marriage, but her name was systematically removed in the publications- and he did nothing to correct that. I think Mileva Maric deserves the worldwide recognition she was prevented from having, because of being a woman and the wife of her coworker.

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