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Some illustrations from the book on domestic violence

Between 2014 and 2016 I worked on an illustrated book commissioned by a non-profit Paroles de Femmes - Le Relais 77, a women's refuge outside Paris, France. The book is titled "La violence masculine dans le couple: comprendre et en sortir", which means "male partner violence: understanding and exiting". It's available on Amazon Kindle.

Le Relais wanted a book that they could hand out to the women they support, that would explain the basic feminist concepts and understanding of male partner abuse and its consequences, including post traumatic stress. The book includes illustrated theory and fictional stories of women that represent different aspects of abuse.

The first stage of the writing process and decision of what we wanted the book to say was done through a series of workshops with a team of women organised by the Relais: it included women supported by the Relais, staff from the Relais and professional partners who also work in the field.

The theory parts were then written up by Annie Ferrand, a feminist psychologist and staff member of the Relais, and myself, and the scripts of the cartoons were written with the help of Annie Ferrand and Typhaine Dee, a feminist playwright and actress. I made the illustrations, cartoons and book cover. It was an amazing experience!

Hereunder are some examples of the illustrations I made

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