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Update on recent activities and illustrations

It's been a long time since I've posted here. I've been busy these past few months, finishing some commissions, which you can check on my commissions page! These were really exciting opportunities and I hope to continue to contribute to inspiring projects.

I'm using my current break in commissioned work to make progress on my own graphic novel and other creative projects.

It's a weird time, France is currently on lockdown officially since yesterday (Tuesday March 16, 2020) and I've started my confinement since last Sunday. Thankfully, since I already work from home and enjoy it, it's not too much of an adjustment for me, and I'm grateful for living with loved ones, having access to a garden and nearby countryside walks. In the past few days, I've went from hope for social change and excitement about the possibilities of slowing down the economy, to dread and terror, the pandemic triggering my worst fears. Now I feel a lot calmer and I'm glad that this situation is allowing me to practice regulating myself when I'm triggered. We'll see how things develop.

Anyway, I've been creating a graphic novel since early 2019, about my experience of recovering from early childhood trauma, after going through an intense burnout and just general discombobulation and major life crash. Every other day, or when I have time, I've been taking notes about my progress, illustrating what it feels like from the inside, doing sketches and drafting strips. Scoop: after going from therapist to therapist, I eventually found an amazing professional support team (two therapists, one working mostly with the body, the other on skype) and overall I'm doing so much better. Healing from chronic developmental trauma feels like learning how to live from scratch. I'm not ready to share my work yet, but I will soon. My plan is to finish writing new material in June this year, and to get everything together and start writing and drawing the first proper draft of the book thereafter.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram @annebillows_anbi where I post more regularly. Here are some of the graphic novel related things I've posted:

And unrelated, but I also tried out my first linocut, for the women's march!

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